Sex Doll

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I have gone a long way since I met my Master. It has been more than a year and a half now and my perversion level has increased a thousand times. No matter what I do, there are always coming new kinky ideas to my mind. Thoughts of how to please him and downgrade myself.

I have just seen an interesting movie, Sir. It was about AI and how it’s used in the sex industry.

I hoped it would trigger his inner geek in the best possible way because I wasn’t getting enough of our hot conversations. …

A sensual massage that turned out to be a porn dream coming true

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I used to be into tantra and sensual massages. Especially in those old times when I considered myself vanilla, it seemed to be one of the few novelties I could introduce into my romantic and gentle sex life. Yet it always remained on the theoretical level which in fact may be the best outcome of all.

Even though I fancied the idea of super long foreplay and often imagined what pleasure would such a bodily connection bring, taking into consideration my theatrical fake orgasms, working on intentionally postponing the real ones when they finally come, sounds like torture more than…

We have been married for three years now and I love him more than ever

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I loved our wedding despite the fact I had never wanted to get married. He calmly waited for me to understand the meaning behind it. Then he asked me and I genuinely said Yes.

We have never fancied traditions. Never cared much about following social conventions and fulfilling family expectations. And our wedding reflected that a lot. We called it a garden party instead of a ceremony. Our guests were invited to come dressed up in informal outfits. The officiant was my best friend without an official license so in fact, the formal paperwork happened one day before. We didn’t…

Yes, I am ready to say the L word finally

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I love you.

Yes, I said it. While I am happy to be sharing this with you, at last, I am also sad for all these years we have been together and I didn’t appreciate you. Oh God, I was so blind and I am deeply sorry for that. I apologize for my utter ignorance while you have been putting so much into our relationship. Your patience is just endless. I cannot imagine anyone else enduring the torture of unrequited love.

Not to mention the numerous painful insults, foolish distrust, and pure hatred that I used channel to you and…

Who’s Your Daddy?

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“So you are saying you got D- from the maths class? Are you stupid or what?” There is a slap landing on my face. I can see his angry eyes and as he raises his hand again, I instinctively lean backward to avoid his another act of violent paternal dominance.

I hate him. I want to say it to him so much. How disgusted I am by his continuous humiliation. How sad I am because he never shows me any love, never hugs me, never caresses me, never tells me how he really feels about me. How jealous I am…

Those couple of months when I received more dick pics than in my whole life taught me the most about men’s deepest desires.

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I am switching off most of the notifications as I have been getting too much of an explicit material recently. To avoid judgmental condescending looks of my fellow commuters when on a train or customers while queuing in a supermarket, I choose to hide my newly discovered hobby.

Recalling all those times when I was left alone sitting in the corner while every other girl got asked for dance still hurts. …

Golden Shower

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You were a very bad girl last time.

He messages me a couple of days after I showed him my inner brat. I know that he enjoyed it deep down despite the countless insults I received back then.

I wanted to punish you even more but I made a mistake and peed before I had arrived at your house.

I hesitate as I am unsure how to reply to such a comment. I am torn. On one hand, I want to stay in the role and accept whatever he proposes as a well-behaved sub, on the other hand, my real…

Because just putting on a spacesuit costume doesn’t make you a fucking astronaut.

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So I guess you have just finished reading Sex at Dawn by Christoper Ryan and Cacilda Jethá, two self-proclaimed experts on basically everything in the world that has even the slightest connection to human sexuality. I can see you masturbating eagerly to the idea of people being inherently promiscuous because you finally have a research-based argument why you have cheated on your partner three times this week.

I suggest you also stress out to your freaking wife questioning your last-night whereabouts that assumingly, our direct foragers — bonobo chimps, used casual sex for strengthening social bonds which means that your…

The Naughty Girl

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He starts pissing me off. Since our last training session when he made me lose my anal virginity, he hasn’t been in touch much. And on top of that, I am falling for him which makes the desperate waiting for his message even more unbearable.

I miss sex. I miss my Master. I cannot do anything about it and that makes me increasingly upset.

One day I finally hear the comforting sound announcing a new message from him.

Sorry, I was busy.

I am shouting at him in my head for such a stupid excuse that makes me mad even…

They say men and women can never be close friends. I wish I could say it’s untrue. Yet, I have been in love with my BFF for years.

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I am hugging him tightly. His knee is in between my legs and one hand on my buttocks. His lips are dangerously close to my neck, but he doesn’t kiss me. I can only feel his hot breath on my skin. We are moving slowly to the rhythm of music, entering a different world while successfully ignoring tens of our colleagues open-mouthedly staring at us. Every single beat makes my body shiver more. My eyes are closed, I can only hear Rihanna’s voice vibrating through the dancefloor and sense his fast heartbeat. …

Digital Bitch

Does it make you feel good when you can sneak peek into someone’s broken mind — knowing all stories are real?

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